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sgCarShoot Special: Mazda 5

We have a special guest this week. Take a guess. Nope, not the car, but the owner. Read on, as we reveal shortly.

In the words of a truly obsessed car lover, "Cars have always appealed to me even before I started to learn words like Antidisestablishmentarianism when I was 5. Happily, I used to draw cars on my Mathematics textbooks."

"Now though, you'd find me behind a very expensive camera and lenses, surrounded by a maze of lighting equipment, mumbling nonsensical technical jargons like lighting ratios, hard or soft light etc, shooting people in their cars."

Dear readers, have you guessed our guest yet? :-)

Yes, this week we feature one of our very own sgCarShooters who quipped and continued his ramblings on cars, "Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy meeting and hearing from people and how much they love their cars. They have to; otherwise they wouldn’t have engaged us (the sgcarshooters) to produce memorable images for them and their rides."

"Seldom though, would you hear about me talk about my car. Other than a very good friend of mine (I think he's talking about me), who hears it from me so much that he threatened my life the other day. And of course, my beloved other half, who clearly wants me to shut up whenever I start talking about the technical stuff. I could go on."

"You may think a car is only for transport. But that’s where you’d be wrong. Take this Mazda 5 for instance. On weekdays, it is my workhorse and my entertainment. It brings me from point A to point B safely and comfortably. On weekends, it zips my family of 6 around places. "

"This then, brings me to my point. If you’re one of those people like me who drives like you’ve only got 4 minutes to save the world (pun intended), you’d appreciate how important car performance and handling is."

"My Mazda 5’s 2.0 litres DOHC engine breathes naturally through K&N’s Cold Air Intake system. This is plenty at entries to expressways, even with a full load of 7 passengers, upslope."

"On the outside, lightweight Enkei rims dressed in grippy high performance low profile Bridgestones ensure the car sticks to the road around the corners."

"A front strut bar complements independent coil over suspensions and rear anti-roll bars stiffen up an already outstanding multi link rear suspension system. Defensive driving, high performance tyres and 4 wheel disc brakes with ABS brings this car to a stop safely in emergency situations. You may imagine then, that it is all-uncomfortable for passengers due to the hard ride. You’d be wrong. Anybody would be lost in the world of a Pioneer 6.1 audio system."

There you go, this is our special sgCarShooter series. Have you ever met anyone who wasn't delirious with joy about their own ride? Quite. Oops, looks like that’s all the time I have here too. Hope to see you around on our sgcarshoot facebook fan page!

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