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2006 Opel Astra-H 1.6 Hatchback

The Opel Astra-H 1.6 is a piece of fine German engineering. sgCarShooters got in luck to have a take at this rare chance of shooting this sturdy white hatchback. The day at Rider's club started with an overcast sky, just shy of a few drops of rain. Little did we know something big was coming our way...

The Opel Astra is all about comfort and fuss-free, with a good balance of handling and ride compliance. This unassuming stature is definitely its stronghold compared to the more prominent rivals in its class.

And so the rain came pelting down...

As it danced around the winding road, we were convinced that this car is built to last. The sound of its revving engine was ever so lively.

As we were about finished with our shoot and so had the rain, the Opel Astra-H was ready to come out into the sun for another round of play. Livin' la Vida Loca!

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