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Dream Chaserz Group Shoot

"A dreamchaser never sleeps. A dreamchaser works hard. A dreamchaser refuses to give up. But without attitude, dreams are for those who are sleeping." This quote says it all about the Dream Chaserz car group. Akin to most groups, it is formed by closed friends who are also car enthusiasts, and they happen to arrange for a meet up cum photoshoot with us at the most scenic location defining the heart of Singapore.

Here is the group shoot summary.
Theme: Urban City
Fiat Bravo
Honda Civic
Honda Civic Type R
Kia Cerato Forte
Mitsubishi Evolution 10 GSR
Nissan GTR

Car Owners:
Shi Jie
Ah Le

Shi Jie's Kia Cerato Forte

Jason's Fiat Bravo

Kaydon's Mitsubishi Evolution 10 GSR

Sherman's Honda Civic

Ah Le's Nissan GTR
Brian's Honda FD2R

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