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Singapore Honda Vezel/ HR-V Shoot Meet - #SHVHC (Video)

One of the grandest private car shoot-meets we have co-hosted with our partner-in-crime, Carousell Motors along with other major sponsors, was concluded over a weekend in November, and what a journey it has been, with almost five months of lead planning time for the massive Singapore Honda Vezel / HR-V Club.

Undoubtedly the most recognisable crossovers on our sunny island, 100 car owners participated in this ambitious formation at the Singapore F1 pit straight. A separate drive-in photobooth overlooking Gardens by the Bay's duo domes was assembled to capture each and every uniquely customised ride as they enter the invite-only premise, donned by three amazing and professional racequeens - Abby, Chrissa and Vanessa who smiled tirelessly for every photo.

The very efficient planning team of club #SHVHC made our job a breeze. We managed to shoot in record time, 1-minute per car at the photobooth that includes 3 different angles - quarter front & back and owner's posed shot with racequeens. A feat that will become our benchmark for future meets of this scale.

Watch the after-video.

Partner in crime Carousell | Carousell Motors
Produced by sgCarShoot
Directed by Joseph
Drone pilot DroneShooter

The official SHVHC Mega Meetup 2017
One massive car meet and a formation that conferred a place in Singapore Book Of Records. A record for ourselves to beat too, shooting 100 cars under 3 hours. We are truly humbled to be part of this feat, not without the opportunity and unwavering support from Nigel & Gabriel from the Singapore Honda Vezel / HR-V Club to bring this crazy idea to reality. Partner in crime Carousell | Carousell Motors A production by sgCarShoot Film director Joseph Teo Drone pilot DroneShooter Racequeens Abby Som, Chrissa Ng, Vanessa Wong
Posted by sgCarShoot on Thursday, December 7, 2017
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