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BMW World 2014

The BMW landscape is constantly evolving.

Since the last BMW World Singapore show in 2010, BMW has seeded an approximately 20,000 of its cars on this sunny island. Fast forward to 2014, the stage is set again - set to be the largest single automotive group showcase in Asia that tells captivating stories of BMW and MINI on innovation, design and luxury.

We dive straight into the limelight stealer of the show, the BMW i8 with e-Drive, touted as the all new plug-in hybrid supercar of the future. It has just a 1.5L turbo three-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor. Something unheard of in the field of supercar category. A combined effort of this setup churns out a total of 357 brake horsepower, powering it from nought to hundred in 4.4 seconds.

Materials used for the BMW i8, the main shell and roof are mostly made up of carbon fibre with reinforced aluminium sub-frames. The exterior panels are thermoplastic and fully recyclable. Thin, durable gorilla glass are used extensively on the door and rear windows. Through these intense innovative use of lightweight materials, the i8 is able to achieve an impressive fly weight of just 1465 kg.

Last checked, the initial allocation of ten i8s in Singapore has been snapped up by buyers and now we wait in anticipation to spot the first one on the roads here.

Let us back peddle to the start of the show where SUVs and crossovers welcome us with their enormous grins. Also for the first time, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is presented to the public as a new segment offering in the compact premium class, rivaling the likes of the Mercedes B-class.

Another new member added is the X4, to woo those who were previously intimidated by the sheer size of its larger sibling, the X6.

Teaming up with renowned Italian automotive design house Pininfarina, the BMW design team conceptualised and created this super-lux and alluring Gran Lusso Coupé that is the one and only in the world to be ever built.

On the adjacent side of the platform parks a range of white M Performance and monstrous M machines, ranging from the recently launched 2 Series M Performance, M1 to the all new M4 coupe.

We juxtapose the Austin yellow metallic M4 coupe and juicy blue M3 sedan for your viewing pleasure. Both are identical in many ways and share many part numbers.

The trunk is one of the major differences but they both have the same aerodynamic properties. In the case of the M4 where is it has a lower roofline, the engineers created a new signature ducktail spoiler to be integrated with the trunk.

More shots of the M4 coupe in outright engine bay porn.

And while you are out and about, totally overwhelmed by the car models, your saviour in the form of a Product Genius comes along to guide you to the path of BMW connectedDrive enlightenment. Well, what is BMW without technology?

According to BMW, i3 defines the automobile of tomorrow. Its innovative e-Drive power train was designed in the scope of BMW EfficientDynamics and is able to achieve zero emission. It is also installed with BMW's ConnectedDrive technology that allows drivers to navigate conveniently to their intended destination.

This futuristic two-seater sports car concept is called the Vision ConnectedDrive. It features new advanced driver assistance aids (See video below) and first premiered at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. If you're thinking of seeing one of these on the roads, kill the thought. BMW has no intention to put it on production and it will remain as a concept to demonstrate its design and technology developments.

See video to learn more of the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept.

Now that MINI is part of the BMW blood, it is refreshing and uplifting to see these cute yet agile little monsters donning flamboyant skins in the arena too.

Spotting in its signature red, this is the third generation design of the MINI concept spawned in a Clubman model and my, see how big it has grown. This time, it has lost its last weird-looking rear door design and opted for an oddly stylish variant. We say yes.

This is the new MINI John Cooper Works. The paintwork and red accents are looking very desirable. Along with multiple large air intakes grilles that outlines its racing DNA, this 220bhp MINI is certainly not to be messed with.

As we bid farewell to the event at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, the kids are having a hell of a time riding in their mini MINIs...

...and boys will be boys in their flashy drop top coupes.

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