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0808 Singapore 2014

Late into the eve of Singapore's National Day, car nuts from all walks of life drive in convoys to celebrate the traditional 0808 (8th August) rounding of the island. It started in the north west of Singapore but due to a massive turnout that attracted the traffic police, most of us ended up in town for a chit chat and ride appreciation session. 


Audi R8 tuned by LHB Exhaust Motorsports.

Cars slowly streaming in as the gathering crowds looked on.

Night rider Mazda RX8 tuned by Monster Garage.

3 coupe in Jeff Koons inspired BMW Art Car livery.

The elusive Noble M400! (More photos of it below)

Your usual Lamborghinis, Ferraris and GTRs. Well, it's getting mainstream. 

Rare JDM models facing extinction. 

Car clubs gather.

Highly modified turbo machines.

Rumour has it one of them has a thousand horses beneath that hood.

Here you go. Presenting star of the night, the one and only Noble M400 with a seismic 425 horses. 

Disclaimer: Our compilation of photos did not do justice to the island-wide rounding. It was just merely the tip of the iceberg. Like all car enthusiasts say, you have to be in the scene to experience the full power of the dark side. 

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