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Style Society X StanceNation 2013

Landing on our shores for the first time, Style Society Singapore hosted a Stance Off competition in collaboration with overseas partner StanceNation at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Carpark D. This was an event that no other has done before in Singapore. Competitors were chosen via entry applications and the eventual winner will be featured on .  

The event kicked off at 3pm on a Saturday and exotic rides around the island started congregating at the main arena. The place was bustling with music from live DJs and sounds of exhaust revving pleasure. Throngs of crowd and tastefully done up rides were seen spilling into the carpark and in no time, it was full house. 

As usual, groups from our friendly neighbour up north were invited to the event to showcase their pimped, slammed and negative cambered rides, some of them way off our big brother LTA's regulations. It didn't really matter anyway. 

Singapore rides had a field day too, showing off some creative flair within the brink of rules.

Race queens strutted their stuff, posing spontaneously for a shot in between. 

Rev Magazine's seductive booth car, the Mitsubishi Evo X, fully loaded with canards and an aggressive body kit.

ExoticWerks booth showcased their newly sprayed sports rims and a whole range of customised body works and accessories. Race queens included.

Graffiti Garage threw out their impressive collection of customised rides from the Evos, Miata, Q5, RX8 (the Blacknightz one calls it) to the VW Roc. It was a visual spectacle right down to the detailed trims.

AC Gruppen showed off its speciality in tuning continental makes with a fine range of Beemers, VWs and Minis.

We had also a group of vans that were awesomely pimped out by their enthusiastic owners. The pride in their display was noteworthy.

And finally the weather was so kind, uncle had a chillax moment. That's all we have, sgCarShooters signing out!

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