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2009 Mercedes SLK 200K 1.8L convertible

The art of seduction, beautifully played by this second generation 1,800cc supercharged four-cylinder Mercedes SLK 200K, is a clever rework of the original Mercedes roadster. In this day and age of new models from every marque being released almost every month, this "old but gold" SLK still stands out among the crowd as a stout, snobbish animal ever ready to pounce on its next asphalt feast.

This drop top 2-seater couldn't resist having an extra bit of rolling fun before deciding to pause for some static photography. Against the soon-to-be-relocated Tanjong Pagar container terminal, the SLK looked every inch a suave cassanova, sitting on perfectly sized low profile 19" BC forged performance wheels.

So, how about the drive? The answer becomes clear even before covering your first mile. Steering feel and response immediately impress, providing the 1.4 ton roadster with a pointy feel and eagerness to change direction. The second notable impression is of a well-balanced chassis. It feels taut and provides massive amount of grip through the bends, with the suspension soaking up road corrugations without any complains.

The roof opens completely in 22 seconds, reasonably fast by standards during its time, exposing an adequately lush interior and an appealing instrument panel design apparent to the Mercedes brand . The "gullwing red" leather for the two seats and interior trim hankers back to the heritage of the original 300 SL.

On board Harman Kardon speakers blast out rich, voluminous surround sound even when the roof is open, providing a surprisingly crystal-clear listening pleasure, the like of which has never before been associated with an open top coupe.

As we fast approach the end of another automotive photography session, I could almost conclude that this breed of SLK roadsters have definitely long enjoyed the image of a modern cult car, one that could really immerse the driver and passenger into a spectacle of the five human senses.

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