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Event: Volkswagen Scirocco Ladies' Day

This weekend, we bring you to the scene of the Volkswagen Scirocco Ladies' Day at Singapore Grand Prix pit building. Concept's straightforward; lady with the fastest timing of race circuit wins. Mind you, this is a ladies-only event, so car-obsessed enthusiasts would have to park their technical jargon in one corner of the brain and entertain the ladies on a different wavelength.

A little about the history of the Scirocco. As quoted on Wikipedia, "it is a 3-door Coupe small family car manufactured by German automaker Volkswagen, undergoing two generations of development between 1974 and 1992 and reintroduced in a third generation in August 2008." In this reborn version, the redesigned Scirocco looks meaner, stronger and packs a whole lot more power, especially in the special R version as Volkswagen brands it. Its 2.0L TSI engine is rated 265 PS (195 kW; 261 hp) at 6000rpm and 350 N·m (258 lb·ft) at 2500rpm... Didn't we promise ourselves to use less jargon and numbers? Let's hop on to the circuit briefing and head outdoors with the ladies!

The Scirocco Sport is used for the circuit and being put to three basic tests, namely an S-course for handling, a century sprint for acceleration and last but not least, an emergency brake for braking distance. Engines revved, cars screeched and rubber burnt. Ain't that an all but familiar scene at the F1 track? At the end of the lap time, we have a bunch of gleaming pretty faces waiting to pose for the camera, complete with a pampering session of pedicure and shoulder massage.

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