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2007 Honda Stream RSZ

One glance, you know this is not mainstream. Pun intended.

Our photo shoot features this white 1.8L i-VTEC Honda Stream RSZ, souped up with performance goodies mainly by D1-Spec, lighting design by Nightz Concept and a palatable sakura skin art by VisualWorkz Singapore.

Owner Terry favoured an oriental theme to match the outlook of his RSZ and it certainly fuses seamlessly with the chosen spots, especially in our brightly lit Singapore night atmosphere. 
The Honda Stream is one of the most popular people mover here with its 7-seater offerings, providing a decently generous amount of cabin size. However, do not be hoodwinked by this MPV for, with a touch of some tuning magic, hidden untapped power can be easily extracted to add on to its existing stock 140 horses.

With the help of tuning workshop Fabulous X, Terry's RSZ spots an upgraded Apex exhaust system, a lowered suspension and a set of low profile sports rims and tires.

In the engine bay, an open pod air intake system, an EPS power charger and a throttle controller look after the management of the RSZ's electrical and power distribution.

This setup provides Terry an option for a spirited or an FC conscious style of drive.

Moving to the cabin interior and undercarriage, the car is tastefully lighted by the lighting wizardry of Nightz Concept. Optic fibres transporting blue and purple electrons were seen enhancing the edges and curves of the driver's dashboard and parts of the cabin.

It seems like one has just stepped into another realm of dimension when the doors close beside you.

Our rolling shots couldn't get any more sophisticated with UFO-like undercarriage lights lining the front, back and sides of Terry's RSZ. With blue lights even glowing through the front grille and air damps, it made the whole scene looked straight out of a certain Michael Bay's Hollywood action flick.

We shall leave the final parting shots to your wildest imagination...

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