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#SUPERWET Car Collective

They say the city never sleeps.

Passionate petrolheads like the #superwet bunch understands what that value holds and swear by that. In a country where conformity reigns and regulations strap around like handcuffs to your wrists, where speed cameras dot the map, and where traffic police and vehicle inspectors prowl the streets like tigers waiting to pounce on their next prey, the car culture scene in Singapore can only happen much in the dark.

Nevertheless, there are still some risks getting pulled over while driving the car even with that slightly tinted headlamps, GT-winged or coloured fog lights out.

At the stroke of midnight, our journey started with deep, heavy exhaust sounds rumbling and echo-breaking the silence of the multistorey car park as a stream of Hondas rolled their way up to the rooftop. DC5s lead the main collective and filled up by a couple of other JDMs and contis.

This location is the last few rooftop multistorey carparks left standing with a partially unblocked view as skyscrapers spring up denser and taller in the business district. Without manned security, some liberties were taken to get creative with light and we were pretty pleased with the end results...

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