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2007 Ferrari F430 F1 Spider 4.3L

You can hear it a mile away even before seeing it. The Ferrari F430 F1 Spider, powered by a 4.3L V8 engine, produces more horsepower than four regular sedans combined. This iconic prancing horse that we are covering has been around for more than half a decade, and it still looks irresistibly... irresistible.

Wrapped in matte pearl white with subtle red trims and hints of blacked out plastics, the low-slung bodywork is simply a dashing piece of high art where form meets function in a perfect setting. We rolled along with the Spider and virtually witnessed every single matter from the tarmac shifted out of position due to the immense energy dispensing from the rear engine and exhaust system.

The heart of the F430 is displayed underneath a coffee-table like glassware, showcasing fine Italian mastery of passione and design. It is also hard to believe that the same flat-plane crank sculpture shares that intoxicating howl of high-revving notes when pushed. All these magic at just 4 Kilograms.

Pininfarina, the Italian design house of Ferrari, has been manufacturing the berlinetta (small saloon in Italian) sports cars for almost 40 years. The F430, created in collaboration with head of design, Frank Stephenson, pushed the envelope considerably from the millennium legend F360 Modena. A much sexier and more aggressive new supercar from Maranello was thus born.

When shooting the F430, nobody could fault you for occupying both lanes in a 2-lane road, travelling at the same speed and hogging traffic momentarily, while striving to capture the best shot with the desired backdrop. It must have been a visual treat for those heading for breakfast on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Key highlights of the F430 in its full glory as follow.

The side view is completed by the new light weight 19" wheels with the 5 twin-spoke layout that combines classic Ferrari design flair with high structural rigidity.

Paddle shifters that a supercar can't live without.

An extremely sporty dashboard that comes with engine push start button and drive modes toggle on the steering wheel. No volume buttons or FM channel stations switching available.

Just. Drive.

Exotics are in a class of its own, definitely, and we can't wait for the next one to come along. It has been an honour to have this coming our way.

We leave you with a few more photo moments to savour at the speed our crew car can keep up with. Til' then!

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