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Mitsubishi Colt Turbo 1.5L

sgCarShooters traveled to the other part of the world in this series. We hooked up with a very unusual ride this time. It is an alternatively and elaborately styled Mitsubishi Colt turbo that has numerous autostyling competition awards to its name.

Meet Charles, the man behind this set of wheels. Someone who extrudes a loud personality but is actually a very kind and humble soul. Be awed by the amount of time and money invested in modding this Colt turbo, up to the very detail of lighting up the wheel base. A bit on this car, the transversely mounted inline 4-cylinder MIVEC engine has a 1.5-litre capacity and produces no less than 154 horsepower. For a car that weighs just a ton, it is quite insane.

With compliments from J's Artworks workshop, sgCarShooters managed to steal a few rare shots of the Colt turbo and a Colt Plus with a stunning airbrush-created backdrop. This is definitely a "too fast, too furious" way to start the December holidays with!

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