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Peugeot 206 XR 1.4L

We started taking fun shots of our friend and his ride somewhere in Seletar Airport. It was a fine day with the sun shining brilliantly and perfectly for us photographers. We couldn't have asked for more. This is a French hot hatch that sold past the 5 million mark worldwide since its inception in 1999. What we've captured here is the 2005 face-lifted 1.4L XR model before Peugeot announced the 207 in late 2007. Please drop us a message if you own a 207. We would like to get in touch with you!

We truly enjoy the beautiful Peugeot 206 dancing in the rays of the evening sun. The French does make sexy looking cars. Oh look at the curves!

The sporty silhouette is a key reason why this car is one of Peugeot's best selling models and also within the supermini class.

Many of you may disapprove car jacking but this was purely for good fun. And no, we don't own a real gun. It has been digitally mastered for a maximum dramatic effect. No strobes were used in this shot too. Have you guessed where the light source was from?

We love to relate our photography to the owner's personality and culture of this country. Do not be alarmed. This is a typical Singaporean "Ah Beng" shot shot on impromptus. "Ah Beng" drivers are usually aggressive and drive heavily modded cars. Unless you are one of them, avoid eye contact until you and your ride is ready for a challenge. You've been warned.

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